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  • General questions

    What do the colors mean?
    When Color Significance
    Startup process White Initial starup process - lasts about 10 seconds
    Green Connected with a mobile network
    Red Not connected with a mobile network
    Normal operation (base color is green) Violette flash Received a call with hidden caller-number
    3 times green blinking A voice memo was saved or a SMS was received and processed
    3 times red blinking Calling is not possible (maybe no target telephone number has been set)


    The LED-light is constantly red - what's the significance of this?
    A constant red LED-light means that no connection with any mobile network provider could be established. Possible reasons are as follows:
    • No working SIM-card has been inserted.
    • The inserted SIM-card still requires a PIN to be entered. Please disable the PIN.
    • You did not use the original micro-USB power plug.
    • There is no accessible mobile network in the area.


    It was not possible to establish a connection to the saved telephone number. Possible reasons are as follows: Der Rufaufbau ist nicht möglich. Gründe hierfür können sein:
    • No telephone number has been saved for the selected voice channel yet.
    • There was not enough call-credit on the SIM-card. Please make sure to recharge the call-credit of the SIM-card.


    After a voice memo recording the device did not automatically call back - what is the reason?
    There can be two possible reasons:
    • The caller's telephone number is surpressed and thus was not known to the device. This case will be indicated with a violette blinking of the LED-light.
    • The inserted SIM-card does not have enough call-credit to call back. This case will be indicated by the LED-light blinking red three times.


    What is the standby power consumption?
    0.631W active power in normal operation.