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  • General questions


    How do I pair the SMS Switch with my receivers?
    In case you are using codewheel receivers you just have to configure the same code for the module in question.
    In case you are using a learncode receiver you must pair the switch and the receiver in a similiar manner as to how you normally would pair your sender with the receiver: first you press the learn button on the receiver to put it into learn mode (its LED will start blinking) during which you have to send an ON-command to the receiver using your app / SMS Switch. The receiver will blink to confirm a successful pairing.
    What do the colors signify?
    When Color Signification
    Startup process Yellow The device is starting up
    Red The device is not connected to any mobile network
    Green Connected and ready for use
    Normal operation Turqoise blinking A 433MHz pulse to control receivers has been sent
    Blue flash A SMS has been sent
    Yellow flash An invalid SMS has been received
    Violette flash A valid SMS has been received and processed


    The LED-light is all red - what now?
    If the LED-light is and stays red then the SMS Switch does not have a connection with any mobile provider. Possible reasons for this can be any of the following:
    • The inserted SIM-card does not work.
    • The inserted SIM-card still requires a PIN-code to be entered. Please disable the PIN.
    • You did not use the original USB power plug such that the device does not get enough power.
    • There is no accessible mobile network in the area.


    Why should I not use another USB power plug?
    Micro-USB power plugs are widely available but even if they fit all the same they may vary significantly with respect to their quality and power it may actually supply. The built-in GSM-module of the SMS Switch requires a steady amount of power to be running reliably - if the power does not suffice and as a consequence the device will not work properly. Thus please make sure to always use the micro-USB power plug that you get with the SMS Switch.
    What is the standby power consumption?
    0.604W active power in normal operation.