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  • General questions

    How do I pair the BT Switch with my receivers?
    In case you are using codewheel receivers you just have to configure the same code for the module in question.
    In case you are using a learncode receiver you must pair the switch and the receiver in a similiar manner as to how you normally would pair your sender with the receiver: first you press the learn button on the receiver to put it into learn mode (its LED will start blinking) during which you have to send an ON-command to the receiver using your app / BT Switch. The receiver will blink to confirm a successful pairing.
    What do the colors mean?
    Color Significance
    Green Ready and waiting for smartphones to connect
    Blue At least one smartphone is momentarily connected
    Turqoise flash A 433MHz pulse to control receivers has been sent
    Red flashing every 5 seconds Battery is missing


    What is the expected lifetime of the timer-battery (CR2032)?
    The battery lasts for approximately 2 years. When no battery is inserted, or the battery is almost empty, this is indicated in the app through a regular notification.
    Can multiple smartphones be simultanously connected to the Bluetooth Switch?
    Bluetooth devices typically only support one simultanous connect, but the BT Switch supports upto six connection at the same time.
    What is the standby power consumption?
    0.305W active power if there is no active Bluetooth connection. 0.467W active power in normal operation.