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  • General questions 

    How do I pair the WLAN Switch App with my receivers?
    In case you are using codewheel receivers you just have to configure the same code for the module in question.
    In case you are using a learncode receiver you must pair the switch and the receiver in a similiar manner as to how you normally would pair your sender with the receiver: first you press the learn button on the receiver to put it into learn mode (its LED will start blinking) during which you have to send an ON-command to the receiver using your app. The receiver will blink to confirm a successful pairing.
    Why can I only use the app at home?
    The WLAN Switch is connected to your local LAN and/or WiFi-network and does not work with any internet services. Thus you can only use the app when connected to the same WiFi (or LAN) network as the gateway, which likely will be at your home only.
    Has the Intertechno Gateway also been developed by Smart Home Technology?
    No, neither the hardware nor firmware of the Intertechno Gateway have been developed by Smart Home Technology. But for your convenience we developed this free app that to give WLAN Switch users the same feel as with our Bluetooth or SMS Switches.
    Why can I not use timers?
    The Intertechno Gateway itself has not been designed to support any offline timer functionality.
    In case you require timers that work independently of your smart phone please have a look at the Bluetooth or SMS Switch.
    In case you require timers that work only when your smart phone is connected with the gateway, you can use the plugin feature for Tasker / Automate.